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Donations of Winter Clothing Needed


Dickinsfield Amity House is in need of warm winter clothing and clothing in general for all ages and in particular, for men. Any clothing donation is appreciated. 

Please contact Tracy at to arrange a drop-off or pick-up.

Upcoming Events at McLeod


November 23: Children's Christmas Party

(All events take place at McLeod Centre 14715-59 St NW unless otherwise indicated.)

Homeless Camps


Homeless Camps have been spotted in our community. If you spot a homeless camp on City of Edmonton parks or property please call 311 and report the exact location. City staff will attend and try to assist the people living at the camp. If you're not sure if someone is homeless or is acting suspicious call EPS at 780-423-4567. 

Home Safety 

Do not make yourself an easy target. Do not leave bags of cans or bottles, bikes or anything else in your yard in plain view. Store in sheds, put a lock on your gates, install motion lights and or invest in a home security system. Before you go to bed ensure your car doors and house doors and windows are locked. Do not leave change, valuables or garage door openers in your vehicle. 

Personal Safety

Now that its getter darker earlier make sure your wearing some reflective clothing when walking or jogging at night. Stay on sidewalks or lighted paths. Try to find a friend or group to walk with. Bring your cell phone with you. Be aware of your surroundings.

Northeast Voice Newsletter


McLeod Community League contributes to a print newsletter 10 times a year that is delivered to over 22,000 households in Northeast Edmonton. 

Please go here for the online version.

Safety Tips


For November 2019, Alberta Traffic Safety Calendar's primary focus is occupant restraints

The correct use of seat belts, child car seats and booster seats is one of the most important and easiest ways of reducing death and injury from vehicle collisions. One of the offenses I see commonly is drivers wearing shoulder belt under their left arm. With the shoulder belt under your arm your upper body will not be held back in a collision. The fine amount is the same as not wearing your seat belt at $155.00 under the Alberta Vehicle Equipment Regulations.

Recreation Centres & Swimming Pools


Get FREE access with your current McLeod membership card.

Clareview Recreation Centre (paid for by McLeod):
Sat | 6:00-8:00pm

Indoor Swimming (paid for by Area Council 17):

Londonderry Pool | Sun 4:15-5:45pm

O’Leary Pool | Sat 3:45-5:45pm

Grand Trunk |Sun 4:15-5:45pm & Fri 7:00-9:00pm

NOTE: YMCA swim no longer in effect.