Message from McLeod's Community Safety Director


October Safety Message

For October 2019, Alberta Traffic Safety Calendar's primary focus is pedestrian safety. 


Pedestrian safety is a shared responsibility.

Pedestrians, here are some safety tips to help get you across the street:

• Be aware of your surroundings and stay alert when crossing the street

• Obtain and Maintain eye contact with drivers wait until vehicles have stopped before you cross

• Cross the street only at designated crossing points. Do not jaywalk.

• Do not wear dark clothing when walking in low light or poor weather conditions. If you can wear reflective vests or jackets

• Don't start crossing after the walk light has ended

• Stay off your phones and take your headphones off when crossing

• Be aware for vehicles turning as you cross intersections

• If one vehicle stops for you in a crosswalk, ensure other lanes of traffic also stop before proceeding

Drivers, here are some tips to help keep pedestrians safe:

• Be aware of your surroundings at all times

• Watch your speed

• Remember that distracted driving, such as texting and talking on your phone is unsafe and illegal

• Use extra caution where children and pedestrians are likely to be nearby such as school and playground zones, bus stops, crosswalks, parking lots, alleys and residential areas.

REMINDER: Playground Zones are in effect 365 Days a year from 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM. Please follow the Maximum 30 km/h speed limit 

Commercial Vehicle Safety

Multiple Law Enforcement agencies teamed up to conduct a few days of level 1 Commercial Vehicle Safety Inspections in Edmonton. Many Commercial Vehicles inspected were put out of service. I wanted to share some of the common Violations I observed to help the drivers of Commercial Vehicles not get fines, towed or put out of service.

-Cargo Securement. Drivers must ensure when using straps or chains that they are marked with Working Load Limit. Ensure cargo is also secured in van bodies.

-Electric Trailer Brakes. Ensure on your pre and post trips that your trailer brakes are working. This includes the Emergency Trailer Brakes (Trailer Breakaway Switch)

-Ensure your air brakes are set up properly and functioning

-Replace Windshields if you have cracks from edge to edge or intersecting cracks in an area swept by the wipers, or cracks or star chips greater than 25 millimeters in diameter in an area swept by the wipers

-If your Commercial Vehicle is registered over 4500 Kg ensure your company name, GVW and TARE are displayed on both sides of vehicle. The letters and/or digits need to be minimum of 50 millimeters in height. Also ensure the GVW that is on your registration matches what is displayed on the vehicle.

-Tint on front door windows and windshields are illegal on passenger and commercial vehicles. Fines on Passenger vehicles can be up to $155.00 while fines on Commercial vehicles with tint are up to $310.00.

Recently, a vehicle and trailer was stopped by Strathcona County Enforcement Peace Officers near Edmonton. The load was so high that it was alleged to have struck two overpasses in the Edmonton area. The driver had multiple violations and was issued large fines for this. Please do not attempt to haul unsafe loads like this. This puts you and the rest of us on the roadways at risk.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

  • Ryan Bendara
    Community Safety Director