Message from McLeod's Community Safety Director


August Safety Message

New Drivers/Distracted Drivers is August's focus under the Alberta Traffic Safety Calendar. New drivers are still learning the rules of the road and making rookie mistakes behind the wheel. Smartphones and other passengers can be equally distracting to new drivers. When teenagers are driving in the car with their friends, they still want to be included in the passenger conversations and social media excitement. Parents and/or guardians – have the conversation with our young drivers about these added distractions. Get them to drive you around, praise them for what they are doing well and explain how they can get even better. Just because they have passed a road test does not mean you can't assist them in being even better drivers.

For the rest of us who are not new drivers we are not perfect either. Please stay off your phone; that includes at red lights. You can still be issued a Violation Ticket even though you are stopped. Secondly, do not drive with your pet in your laps. This interferes with your ability to operate a motor vehicle and you can be issued a Violation Ticket under the Traffic Safety Act.

Seat belts

Still seeing a lot of people, including drivers and passengers, not wearing their seat belt or not wearing them properly. Please buckle up. It is for your safety. Having the shoulder strap of your seat belt under your arm is not wearing it properly and you can receive a Violation Ticket for that. The fine for not wearing your seat belt or improperly wearing your seat belt is $155.00 under the Alberta Vehicle Equipment Regulations.

Stop Signs

When you approach a Stop Sign you must stop before the line on the roadway, before a painted cross walk or three meters before the intersecting roadway if no crosswalk or lines are painted on the roadway. Stopping after the line, crosswalk or closer than three meters from an intersecting roadway can result in a Violation Ticket. There is a rumour out there you must stop for three seconds. That is false. However, your vehicle motion has to seize. A lot of drivers perform what’s called a rolling stop where they slow down, look both ways and then proceed. This is not a Stop and you will get a Violation Ticket for $388.00 dollars plus 3 Demerit points under the Alberta Use of Highway Rules and The Road Regulation.


Whether you live in McLeod or any other community please do not speed in residential neighbourhoods. No one likes watching a vehicle zoom by on their street while they are out working or enjoying time in their yard. Slow down and be sure to watch for any children that might be out and about.

School Zones

Wow! Where did the summer go? Mostly washed away with all this rain we got. Schools will be starting up at the end of August and beginning of September. Please be extra cautious when travelling through these areas. Don't speed, watch for children that may dart out around school buses or other vehicles and please don't park illegally. I will provide some information on some of the most common parking offences. You are required to park at least 5 meters from the near side of the crosswalk, yield and stop signs and from an adjoining intersection. You must park at least 1.5 meters from any driveway. You cannot park on or across any sidewalk or boulevard. You must park right wheels to curb unless a traffic control device (sign) says otherwise.

Back to School

Parents/Guardians please go over with your children to not walk out into the roadway. Explain to them to only use marked crosswalks and cross when it is safe to so.

Use the three P's. Point, Pause and Proceed

Point the direction they are going, pause and look to ensure traffic in both directions has stopped and then proceed.

Also very important Parents/Guardians speak to your children about stranger danger and have a code word that only you and them know in case someone else has to pick them up.

Lastly, motorists, please remember you must reduce speed to 60 km/h or the posted speed, whichever is lower, when passing emergency vehicles or tow trucks that are stopped with their lights flashing. This law applies to the lane(s) immediately next to the stopped vehicles. The fine for speeding in these areas is doubled. Please help ensure your first responders and tow truck operators go home at the end of their shift!!!

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Ryan Bendara
Community Safety Director