Message from McLeod's Community Safety Director


December Safety Message

Traffic Safety- Distracted Driving

Here is what you cannot do while driving which includes being stopped at red light

• Hold, View or manipulate cell phones

• Use electronic devices such a laptop, video games, cameras, video entertainment displays, program audio players, enter info on GPS systems

• Read printed material, print or sketch

• Engage in grooming or personal hygiene

Did you know all these activities are not permitted when stopped at red light or in a drive thru? Fine amount is $287.00 and three demerit points.

Here is what you can do

• Drink a beverage-Coffee,Tea, Juice, Water or Pop

• Eat a snack

• Engage in conversation with passengers

• Smoke a cigarette if there are no minors in the vehicle

• Use hands-free devices

• Use Two Way radios when a driver is required to remain in contact with employer.

• Use GPS if mounted and information is entered before driving

• Vehicle information system that provides information of location of vehicle and vehicle operating systems. Can be a gauge instrument or device.

• Use collision avoidance system

• Use alcohol ignition interlock device

• Use a dispatch system for transporting passengers or logistical transportation system that track location, driver status and/or delivery of commercial goods.

• Use portable audio system if set up to use before driving

Hold your phone to call 911 for emergency call

Under the Traffic Safety Act, an emergency vehicle includes Police, Peace Officer, Sheriff, Fire Response Units, Ambulance and Gas Disconnection Units. Drivers of emergency vehicles are permitted to use hand-held communication devices or any other electronic devices when acting within the scope of their employment.

Go to: for more information.

Winter Driving

• Ensure snow, ice and frost is removed from your windshield and windows

Failure to do so can result in a Violation Ticket of $155.00

• Ensure your headlights are clean

• Ensure snow is removed from your hood and roof

Failure to so can result in a Violation Ticket of $465.00

• Ensure your windshield washer reservoir is full of winter solution

• Ensure you license plate is clear and visible

Failure to do so can result in a Violation Ticket of $155.00. Licence plate covers are not permitted and assist with the license plate being obscured. Reflective license plate covers that distort the view from the sides can cost you a Violation Ticket of $465.00

In addition, Chevrolet and GMC Pickup owners, if your spare tire access cover is open blocking your license plate you can be issued Violation Ticket of $155.00


Did you know that a vehicle can only be left unmoved for 72 hours on a highway which includes roadway. Now that the snow has fallen it is easy to spot the vehicles not moving on a regular basis due to snow on the vehicle and the dry pavement underneath.

If the vehicle is not moved every 72 hours it is then considered Abandoned and can come with a fine of $310.00 plus the cost of Tow. If you are not driving the vehicle every 72 hours I suggest putting the vehicle on a driveway or garage. If you spot an abandoned vehicle you can report it by calling 311.

Parking Bans can be declared between November 5 and March 15 with 8 hours notice to conduct snow plowing or removal. Bans remain in effect until the City declares it is over. Please don't park on a plowed bus route until the ban has been officially lifted. Failure to comply with the Parking Ban may result in a Fine of $100 plus the cost of towing.


Please maintain your sidewalk adjacent to your property. It is your responsibility and failure to so can result in a Fine of $100.00 plus the cost of the City hiring a Contractor to remedy the situation which then gets put on the homeowners’ tax roll. I encourage you as neighbors to help out your fellow neighbors who may struggle or cannot shovel or remove ice from their sidewalks due to injury or disability. Unfortunately, the City of Edmonton does not have a Snow Angels Program. If you choose to report snow covered or icy sidewalks that are the responsibility of a homeowner, business owner or the City you can call 311.

It is also an offence to put an Electrical Cord over a sidewalk as it is a tripping hazard. Your cord could be removed, and you may be fined up to $100.00.

Please do not park on or across a sidewalk. You could be fined up to $100.00.

I encourage you as neighbors if you have an issue and you feel comfortable talking to your neighbor to speak to them directly about it. If you don't feel comfortable you can call 311 or download the 311 APP and make a complaint.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Ryan Bendara
Community Safety Director