McLeod's 2018 volunteer of the year: todd chmilar


Todd Chmilar was celebrated at the Area Council 17 dinner and awards ceremony on May 5, 2018. Todd has been involved with the soccer program for many years and took up the reins in 2013. He has worked tirelessly to coordinate the army of volunteers it takes to run a soccer program of our size. Todd also works with the players, coaches, and parents to ensure that everyone is having fun. Ever the humble volunteer, Todd states “The soccer program wouldn't be the success it is without the huge commitment from all those involved, from the McLeod board, the Soccer Committee that I work so closely with, and the coaches who freely give their time teaching our community members about soccer.” Thank you so much Todd for the amazing effort you have put forward!

2018 McLeod Angel Awards

Richard Arnold


Richard Arnold, McLeod’s Softball Director, is new to the position but has taken it as his own, like a duck to water. Not only is he rebuilding McLeod’s softball program, he is representing McLeod at the Zone and city levels, and at Edmonton Youth Softball Association meetings. Richard has recognized his immediate predecessor Gord Matlock, a long serving volunteer at McLeod, by organizing a youth ball tournament in Gord’s name, this spring. He collaborates with Ron, our baseball director in organizing ball registration and promptly answers parents’ questions from Facebook and by email. Richard and his family helped at McLeod’s Newcomer Skate and has supported other board members at many other league events during the past year. It has been a pleasure to have him join the board.

Jason Watt


Statistics show that 93% of new Canadians prioritize Canadian identity as very important, compared to 88% of Canadian born people. The newcomers want to do “Canadian" things. For the second year in a row, Jason Watt, McLeod’s Secretary, has organized a Newcomer Skate. Participants used donated skates and helmets on the first-class ice that the Tovey family makes in McLeod’s two outdoor rinks. This is an ideal project to reach out to our new neighbours and involve them in what they perceive as Canadian activities. Jason not only finds time out of his busy schedule to put together our newsletter submission, draft agendas and takes minutes for Board meetings, but he also helps out at many McLeod events. Jason is also the lead on the Matt Berry New Facility Committee which is a large project that requires expertise and coordination. McLeod is very fortunate to have someone like Jason on board.

Gerald Anderson


McLeod Community League would like to recognize and thank Gerald Anderson for his help on many occasions last year when McLeod was in need of extra bingo and casino workers. Gerald volunteered freely without receiving anything in return and was happy to help the community league in this way. Julie Vandermeer, McLeod’s Service Coordinator, stated “I so appreciated Gerald taking the initiative at one of our registrations to say to me, "anytime you need help, just call me!" He proved true to his word and is always ready to help in this important area for our league.” Gerald was a pleasure to have at the events and offered to be listed as an on-call volunteer anytime if McLeod was ever short workers at a bingo. You don't often get people willing to offer that and it is always nice to know there are people like Gerard willing to help out.

Fadi Khair


Fadi Khair’s association with McLeod started when Todd Chmilar, our Soccer Director, called him up one spring day and asked if he’d like to coach his son’s U6 soccer team. Fadi welcomed the chance and has never looked backed. Since then, Fadi has joined the McLeod board as Grants Director and is a member of the Soccer Committee. As a member of the Soccer Committee, he’s attended ENZSA meetings when Todd was unable to, and volunteered at EMSA tournaments such as the Polar Cup and the FC Memorial. Last spring, Fadi organized the inaugural McLeod soccer wrap up party, which was a huge success. We love Fadi’s energy and spirit for contributing and improving McLeod. 

Sativa Haynes


Sativa Haynes is a long-time member of the McLeod soccer community. Todd first met Sativa when she was coaching her son’s U6 team and her daughter was playing U10. Sativa has been a member of the Soccer Committee for several years. She helps out at registration, the coaches’ meetings, team building sessions, attends ENZSA meetings when Todd is unable to, and helps out at EMSA soccer tournaments. McLeod has definitely benefitted from her tireless dedication.  

Terrin O’Quinn and Briana Maione


Terrin O’Quinn and Briana Maione are described by Liz O'Quinn, our Social Director, and Cindy Maione, social volunteer, as their “mini me’s”. These two are getting a great head start at such a young age in volunteering by assisting their moms with planning and running fantastic events at McLeod such as the Halloween and Christmas parties. Their great talents include coming up with activities, decorating, being Santa’s little helpers, working stations at various family events, and last but not least, helping their Moms shop. Thank you Terrin and Briana for the hours of your time in making our community a more fun place to be! Keep up the great work!

Samantha (Sammi) Moffitt


Samantha (Sammi) Moffitt helps out at many McLeod functions. She is a big supporter of our Movie Nights, spreading the word to her friends at school and her soccer teammates, encouraging them to attend and help out. At movie nights she helps with purchasing the products, concession sales, setting up the hall and the kitchen, and clean up. Sammi and her soccer teammates volunteered to help at the Family Day pancake breakfast with setup and being door greeters, welcoming the community to the event. When they noticed children playing on the stage, they took charge and lead games such as duck duck goose and freeze dance. While skating on our outdoor rinks, Sammi observed a young child struggling and proceeded to give her a skating lesson. Sammi encouraged her to not give up and was able to help the new skater learn balance and basic skills while having fun. Thank you to a future leader in the community league!

Kevin Moffitt


Kevin Moffitt, McLeod’s Programs Director and Communications Director, is the reason why the McLeod movie nights are so successful. He knows how to do everything, knows where everything is, and organizes the community service workers with ease. He is always willing to arrive early or stay late, and he always has a smile on his face. Kevin goes above and beyond to make sure the kids and their parents are having a great time, and he doesn't just do this at movie nights. Kevin assists other board members, teaches us about our technology, attends extra meetings, and runs incredibly successful programs at McLeod. Without Kevin our board wouldn't be the same, and movie nights wouldn't be as fun! Thank you, Kevin for everything that you do and thank you to Shauna (Kevin’s wife) who lets you do these things for your community!

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