McLeod's 2019 volunteer of the year: Julie vandermeer


At a special dinner in May, McLeod celebrated our Volunteer of the Year, Julie Vandermeer for her outstanding efforts as McLeod’s Community Service Director. In this role, Julie provides support at our sport and program registration sessions, working to streamline the registration process for community members. She follows up with event organizers and parents to ensure that everyone is kept informed of the event. Julie also serves as a member of McLeod’s Matt Berry Community Hub Steering Committee and is committed to seeing this project realized for residents of our neighbourhoods here in the Northeast.

When Julie moved to Edmonton several years ago with her husband and two children, she settled in first and then started to seek out ways in which she could contribute to her community. That initiative alone already spoke volumes about Julie’s character and what she personally valued. Before she agreed to stand for a Board position, Julie attended several Board meetings to get to know us and our activities. She then indicated interest in being the Community Service Director and requested training by shadowing the Board member in the role at the time. Julie diligently took notes about process and then gradually assumed the duties of the position and has made it her own.

No matter how difficult the situation is, Julie always maintains a measured and respectful response. One of the most stressful situations that she encounters on a regular basis is when a parent has not attended their scheduled community service and becomes angry when it cannot be rescheduled, or when their deposit cheque is cashed. Julie listens to the parent with a goal of understanding their situation and politely explains McLeod’s policy. If there are exceptional circumstances, she advocates to the Board that an exception be made. Throughout all exchanges, Julie demonstrates empathy and sympathy, and strives for a positive outcome for all parties.

Julie embodies the characteristics of what any volunteer organization would love to see in a volunteer and McLeod is 

proud to recognize her as our Volunteer of the Year.

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