Ice Rink Information


When operational, the ice rinks behind McLeod Hall are open:
Monday to Thursday, 4:00-9:00pm
Saturday and Sunday, 12:00-5:00pm

Closed Fridays

Major snowfalls and temperature extremes (cold: -20 C including wind chill, warm: ice melting) will result in temporary rink closures. It is at the rink attendant's discretion to keep them open if the temperature is colder than -20 C providing ice conditions are safe.

The rink shack telephone number is 780-473-8993 and the answering machine is updated regularly on the rink status. Please call the rink shack before you come. 

A concession is available in the rink shack so you can get a snack or some hot chocolate to warm up on a cold day.

Please access the rinks by going to the back of the hall. There is no access through the hall.

Rules for McLeod Rinks

  • Skaters under the age of 18 must wear helmets while on rinks and on ice paths
  • No inappropriate behavior or language permitted
  • No alcohol or illegal drugs permitted
  • Clean up any mess you make, use the garbage cans, put empty beverage containers into the recycling bins
  • No playing tag or British Bulldog on rinks
  • No playing hockey or stick handling of pucks on any of the ice paths that lead to the rinks
  • No playing on the snow piles or ice surfaces inside the fenced rink area – this facility is for skating only
  • Report any problems to the rink attendant

Failure to follow the rules will result in skaters being asked to leave the rink. Continued disregard will result in a complete ban. If you appear intoxicated, you will be asked to leave.

Please respect your facility. Skate at your own risk.

McLeod Community League Rink Use Policy

McLeod maintains two ice rinks during the winter for community enjoyment. The rinks are open to the McLeod Community League members, other community league members and the general public. As McLeod pays for the cost of the rink attendant and rink maintenance, we charge a nominal fee to non-community league members to assist in offsetting the operational costs.

Fee: $2.00 cash per visit payable to the rink attendant

Free: With the purchase of a McLeod Community League single/family membership (cash only) from the rink attendant, you will receive skate tags accordingly. Affix the skate tag to your skates and skating is free for the entire season.

If you are from another community league, please show your current membership and/or your skate tag(s).

If you do not have your community league membership with you, please pay the nominal $2.00 fee per skater. You will need to ensure you connect with your own community league to get skate tags to avoid paying the fee each time to access our rinks. The rink attendant does not have the discretion to waive the fee.

Receipts are available upon request from the rink attendant.


  •  The BIG rink is for shinny.
  • The SMALL rink is primarily for public skating.
  • The SMALL rink may be partitioned for dual use – shinny and public skating.
  • There is no blanket schedule for either rink.
  • Team practices are not permitted. Rinks are not available for rental.
  • Usage of the rinks is determined on a night-to-night basis by the rink attendant.

Del Golinoski 3-on-3 Hockey tournament


This annual 3-on-3 tournament is in honour of Del Golinoski, a long-time community volunteer who helped build the original hall in 1975.

Skating Equipment Needed

McLeod continues to need donations of skates (specifically adult mens and womens sizes 7 to 12) and helmets (all sizes) to loan to people interested in skating but have no equipment. These items will be kept on site and loaned out only for skating on the McLeod ice rinks. If you have skates or helmets that are in good shape, please contact or Joe at to arrange a time to drop them off.