Community Service Policy

At the time of sports registration, you have two options for fulfilling your community service to the community league. Community service assists McLeod with raising funds to maintain the hall and to run programs. Community service options are not refundable whether your child plays or not.

If you have one child in sports, it is $200 (one community service option). If you have two children or more in sports, it is $400 (two community service options). Note that two people cannot share one community service option.

There are two ways for you to fulfill your community service:


Purchase WEM tickets (14 for $210) or other tangible item (if available). Payment for these can be made with your sports registration. If you are registering two or more children, you can choose a buy-out option and a work option.


Sign up to work a bingo, casino (if available) or McLeod event. You will need to provide an undated but signed cheque addressed to "McLeod Community League" for each option. The date and time of your bingo(s)/casino/event is written on your registration form. You are responsible for noting the date and time and ensuring you attend. Reminders may be sent as a courtesy but it is your responsibility to know when and where your work option is taking place. You cannot make up missed work options.

It is your responsibility to attend your work option. Your cheque is returned to you at the bingo/casino/event. If you fail to show up, your cheque will be cashed, no exceptions.

If a bingo/casino/event is cancelled, you will be given options to fulfill your community service – another bingo/casino/event or buy-out option.

Any bounced cheques will result in a $50 fee assessed. If you do not pay out your missed work option (plus any NSF fee), your child will be withdrawn from the sports program and you will not be able to purchase a membership or register in any McLeod sports or programs until the amount is paid in full.

Please contact if you have any questions about this policy.