McLeod Community league Boundaries - our five neighbourhoods

Over 19,000 Strong!

The results of the 2019 Census show 19,485 people living in our five neighbourhoods. 

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The Casselman neighbourhood extends from 144th Avenue north to 153rd Avenue and from 50th Street west to 58th Street.

This neighbourhood was named after Frederick C. Casselman (1885-1941) who arrived in Edmonton from Ontario in 1913. Mr. Casselman, a WWI veteran, graduated from law school at the University of Alberta and worked in Edmonton as a lawyer. He served two terms on City Council in 1937 and 1939 and was elected a member of parliament in 1940. Before entering politics, Mr. Casselman served for many years on the Public School Board, starting in 1928.

2019 Population: 3,772

(Source: City of Edmonton)



Hollick-Kenyon is bounded on the north by 167th Avenue, on the west by 59A Street collector roadway, on the south by the 153rd Avenue arterial roadway and on the east by the new alignment of the 50th Street arterial roadway. 


2019 Population: 6,362

(Source: City of Edmonton)

Matt Berry


The neighbourhood is bounded by 167th Avenue to the north, 59th Street to the east, 66th Street to the west, and 153rd Avenue to the south.


As with all neighbourhoods in the Pilot Sound area, Matt Berry was named in honour of a Canadian aviation pioneer. Massey “Matt” Berry (1889-1970) was a veteran of both world wars, an award winning bush pilot, and is credited with having helped open up parts of northern Canada. He was named to Canada’s aviation hall of fame in 1973.


2019 Population: 3,944

(Source: City of Edmonton)

McLeod Neighbourhood


The neighbourhood is bounded by 153rd Avenue to the north, 58th Street to the east, 144th Avenue to the south and 66th Street to the west.


McLeod has four school-park sites, situated along the southeast perimeter of the neighbourhood. 


This neighbourhood was named after Murdoch McLeod (1844-1930), an early pioneer who arrived in Canada from Scotland when he signed on with the Hudson Bay Company in 1861. McLeod spent time in the artic for six years and in Manitoba, where he was held prisoner during the Riel Rebellion, before moving to Edmonton in 1879 and farming in the Belmont area.


2019 Population: 2,222

(Source: City of Edmonton)



Manning Drive runs the length of the neighbourhood’s eastern boundary and 50th Street runs the length of its western boundary, providing residents with access to other parts of the city.


This neighbourhood was named after Abe William Miller (1897-1964), a Hungarian-born lawyer, politician and community volunteer. After immigrating to Canada in 1899 with his parents, Miller moved to Edmonton in 1914 and Graduated from the University of Alberta in 1925. Miller
practiced law for forty years, served as a member of City Council for six years, and served as a member of the Alberta Legislature for four.


2019 Population: 3,235

(Source: City of Edmonton)