Sport Explorerz - the Power to Move Kids


Sport Explorerz - the Power to Move Kids

The north Edmonton community leagues of Kilkenny, Horse Hill, McLeod, Northmount, Evansdale, and Lago Lindo have joined forces to run the Sport Explorerz program to help children acquire and practice basic movement and sports skills in a fun and engaging way. It’s the perfect pre-sports program and you can take it within your community.

Let’s face it… most children just want to have fun! Sport Explorerz is not a sport, but rather a fun way to get an active start in physical activity in ways that enhance coordination, foster new social skills and build confidence by engaging in fun physical activities. 

Children will learn fundamental skills that will serve them in multiple sports. Active Start and Fundamentals are the physical literacy stages of the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model across all sports ( In short, children will learn the physical skills that will help them be successful in any sport and help encourage them to start today on an active lifestyle that will last a lifetime.

Sport Explorerz is led by trained leaders in a way that will give all kids the “power to move” in sport and in life.

SE - Active Start programs run weekly for eight weeks. Fees are $50 (each child receives a Sport Explorerz t-shirt). Volunteer service is required. Parent/guardian participation is required.

SE - Fundamentals is a NEW week-long, full-day Spring Break Camp in 2019! Contact to register.

Go here for registration information.

Community Service is required for Sport Explorerz - Active Start registration - please go here for information.