Matt Berry New Facility Project


December 2019 Update

Work continues towards the development of a Community Hub for residents of Matt Berry and Hollick-Kenyon. We may have finally located a project partner; we will announce this once the information becomes publicly available. 

If you know of a non-profit or cultural group that is looking for a permanent home, please put them in touch with us. 

If you are able to commit to helping out with the project, we are still in need of volunteers. Any volunteer is welcome, but we are specifically looking for the following:

· Project management experience. 

· Fundraising experience. 

· Communications experience. 

· Construction experience. 

· Residents opposed to the project. 

· Seniors. 

· Residents with mobility challenges. 

· People who enjoy talking to their neighbours. 

We are also looking for local businesses that are interested in sponsoring the project. Presently, we are looking for a sponsor for a neighbourhood mailout. 

We are also considering a snowbank rink for the upcoming winter, but we need a volunteer who lives in the area who is able to help with the maintenance of this rink. 

Questions or offers of assistance can be directed to 

Get Involved/Stay Informed

If you are a resident who would like to be on a mailing list to keep informed of this project, please send your email address to

Your contact information would solely be used for this one specific purpose. Also, keep reading the community league newspaper and follow us on Facebook. 

New committee members are always welcome!