If you are interested in coaching please contact  We are usually quite short of coaches, especially in the younger age groups.  PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL NEW COACHES MUST FILL OUT A SECURITY CLEARANCE (NO CHARGE TO THE COACH) AND IT IS GOOD FOR THREE YEARS. Additionally, all coaches must have taken an age appropriate coaching course. The courses for the younger age groups are fairly short and you will be reimbursed by McLeod Soccer upon receipt and completion.  Course dates and locations are still being finalized. 


Coaching is a very rewarding experience, but it is also a big responsibility, very time consuming and not meant to be a one person job.  Please help your coach by first, respecting their expectations (from arrival times for practices and games, to attitude and effort on and off the field).  The coaches put a lot of preparation and time into games and practices, and it can be challenging at moments. It is essential to remember that coaches are volunteers, dedicating their time to be an important part of your child’s life. So please treat all the individuals who are a part of your child’s soccer life (coaches, managers, referees), with the support and respect you would want in the same situation. Second, if your coach asks for help (i.e. team manager, a phoning parent, an equipment parent, a snack parent, etc.)…please help! This allows him/her to focus on your children, and their development in soccer, both as athletes and team members.

If you have any team or coaching concerns please have consideration for your coach. Approaching a coach directly after a game, especially a close game, is not the best option. Ask your coach when the best time is to bring up suggestions, concerns or questions.  Note: This is where a parent liaison or a team manager can be very useful. Soccer is a team sport and the best way to teach the players the team concept, is through modeling by the coaching staff and parents. We are out there representing our children, so let’s make them proud by working together as a team. Lead by example!