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Imagination 101

Every person is born with an imagination. Imagination and pretending is an amazing and important part of childhood. Remember making delicious soup from rocks and leaves in your back yard? Remember pretending to be a rainbow unicorn and flying in the clouds? We all have memories of our childhood and the imaginative and magical games we played. 

Pretending is not only fun, but teaches children about the world around them. Imagination encourages creativity and innovation that extends into all areas of development. Make believe is an expression of emotions and ideas that fosters growth. Imagination is essential.

Screen time and technology has become a regular part of life. Giving your child an ipad or watching a movie is easy entertainment. However, too much screen time can inhibit a child's imagination. Rather than actively playing or using their brains, children are passively learning in an artificial manner.

The great thing is that imagination and creativity is easy to encourage. Here are but a few ideas to help develop your child's creative mind:

· Imagination 101 is a fine arts program for children at McLeod Community League. During class time we dance, sing, be silly, laugh, play games, pretend, draw, paint, and create. All the young artists are given the freedom to use their imaginations in fun, innovative, and interesting ways. 

· Playing outside provides children opportunities for discovery and explorations. The natural world is the perfect place for kids to play, pretend, and develop their creative minds while interacting with the nature.

· Role-playing is so much fun. Playing restaurant, building a city with blocks, being a veterinarian to stuffed animals, dressing up in super hero capes or silly hats, performing a puppet show, or making a post office will ignite a child's mind!

· Making messes is what children are best at. Give your kids a bunch of mixing bowls, some spoons, and water and see what they make. Let your child play with shaving cream and sparkles in the tub. Play chef and make mud pies, dirt soup, and leaf salad. Getting dirty is what make believe is all about.

Imagination is such an important part of life. We can foster a child's growth simply through play and creativity. Taking time to pretend is an amazing and rewarding experience in so many ways not only for a child, but for adults too.   

The program takes place in the Programs Room at McLeod Centre - enter through the left doors.

Join Imagination 101 today! For more detailed information or to register, please contact

Winter 2020

Location: McLeod Centre in the Programs Room (left doors)

Ages: Grades 1-5

*You must have a current Community League membership from your Community League to register.

Under the Sea Workshop

Date:  Sunday January 26, 2020

Cost: $40

Time: 1:00-3:00pm

Age: Grade 1-5

Class Description:

Diving deep into the ocean, we will swim below the water's surface to discover strange and unusual under the sea creatures. Using oil pastels, lets sink into drawing mysterious sea beasts. Take the plunge and join this wet and wild workshop. 

Rainbow Connection Workshop

Date:  Sunday February 23, 2020

Cost: $40

Time: 1:00-3:00pm

Age: Grade 1-5

Class Description:

What's your favourite colour? During the Rainbow Connection workshop we will be experimenting with all the colours of the rainbow using acrylic paints on a canvas. Lets stretch our imaginations and paint your own vibrant art work using a rainbow of colours. 

No Workshop in March 2020

Don't Bug Me Workshop

Date:  Sunday April 26, 2020

Cost: $40

Time: 1:00-3:00pm

Age: Grade 1-5

Class Description:

Don't worry, this workshop won't bug you! In fact, this Imagination 101 bug workshop will bee (see what I did there?) a fun and exciting insect adventure. Using water colour paints we will be painting all sorts of bugs and I promise, you won't be bugged in the least!

Bubble Trouble Workshop

Date:  Sunday May 24, 2020

Cost: $40

Time: 1:00-3:00pm

Age: Grade 1-5

Class Description:

Lets blow bubbles and create some bubblicious art. On your own canvas we will be using cut magazines, newspaper, ripped coloured construction paper and of course, bubbles, to create an abstract bubble art work. You will happily float away from this Bubble Trouble workshop!

To run each workshop a minimum of 6 students need to pre-register(with a maximum of 12 students). I encourage you to register your artist early so they do not miss out on a spot.

If you are interested in learning more about Imagination 101 or for registration, please contact Kara at

Why Fine Arts?

A fine arts program encourages imagination, creativity, self expression, confidence, motor skill development, critical thinking, coordination, socialization, inventiveness, positivity, and fun. Fine art experiences allows children to use their minds and explore in playful and exciting ways. Fine arts is more than just art, music, drama, and dance, but extends into all areas of a child's academic and personal growth.


About the Teacher

My name is Kara Jensen. I love ice cream, cookies, knitting, and all things art (in no specific order). I am a stay at home mom of three sassy girls, operate a photography business called Kara Jensen Photography, and am a self proclaimed, proud artist. I have a bachelor's degree in elementary education, minoring in fine arts, and have taught preschool, kindergarten, and elementary music for 9 years. I have experience in many fine art mediums including drawing, pencil crayons, water colours, acrylics, pen and ink, clay sculpture, and photography to name a few. I enjoy playing the piano, guitar, and singing. I have acted in several drama productions and have directed numerous elementary school concerts and plays. I am a crazy art nerd and would love the opportunity to work with children in our community teaching imagination 101