Parent Information


Player attire

  • Shin pads are mandatory for all players. 
  • Black shorts and black socks (socks to cover shin pads). 
  • No piercing or jewelry allowed. No taping of jewelry is allowed. 
  • Hijabs are allowed at discretion of referee. 
  • Cleats are optional for U5 and recommended for U7 and up.

Registration restrictions

 A player can be registered on only one team. You cannot be registered in EMSA and EIYSA. No trialist arrangements exist between EMSA and EIYSA, only within north zone EMSA teams. A trialist can play for a higher tiered team or a higher aged team. If you are approached by a coach from an EIYSA team (Inter, Strikers, etc.) to play with them for a game/tournament, your child could be suspended. 


All contact with the zone/EMSA must be done through the Soccer Director. Parents or coaches are not to contact the zone directly. Any questions or concerns should be directed to to be brought to the zone’s or EMSA’s attention. 


 McLeod Soccer has a ZERO tolerance policy for inappropriate behaviour from any player, parent and/or member of the coaching staff. This includes inappropriate behaviour on the field, off the field, leaving the dressing rooms, common area of the centres, parking lot, shopping centre, school or by the use of internet tools to threaten, bully or intimidate anyone in any manner. 

If any such incidents occur we will fully cooperate with ENZSA/EMSA and the staff of the soccer centres in supporting their decision, if we feel it necessary to suspend a player, parent and/or member of the coaching staff, we as soccer directors will do so. EMSA has implemented stiffer penalties for all infractions and there will be no tolerance. If incidents are repeated, then that player, parent and/or member of the coaching staff will not welcomed back to McLeod Soccer. There is no room for poor sportsmanship in McLeod. Every parent and player will be required to sign a Code of Conduct at registration.